What changes do you call for? What can we do together to bring about change?

Pope Francis listeningPope Francis has made it clear. He does not want to be a monarchical leader handing down orders from the top. He wants to hear from us. The challenge is that few bishops invite us into dialogue. If this process is to happen, it is up to us - the People of God - to make it happen.

But will Church leaders ever hear us?

Not if we don’t speak up!

Pope Francis has called upon us as laity to make some noise! He wants us to let our pastors and bishops know our lived experiences and concerns for a better Church, a Church that serves and welcomes us all, no matter how wounded or marginalized. What would happen if people all around the world actually spoke up? If they gathered in living rooms, in local gathering spots, and in parish halls and begin making some noise in every part of the world?

Let's get going! 

To help support your local gathering, we offer you some tools that you may find helpful in the menu above and to the left hand side.  Use whatever works for you... or create your own to fit your local circumstances.

Whether you can gather a group of five or fifty, let’s get these conversations started!  Let’s join together and, as Francis has asked,” make some noise!”  By speaking up all together and creating a groundswell, perhaps, finally, the People of God will be heard and Pope Francis’s vision of a decentralized Church can begin in our lifetime!