What about mixed marriages? For example a dear friends of mine, both highly educated professionals, he is a very deeply Catholic and she open minded and deeply Episcopal … many decades in a strong and stable marriage. He prefers the Catholic Mass, feels strongly about the doctrine of transubstantiation … feels deeply nourished by this understanding of Eurcharist. It offends his wife’s sensibility that she is judged not “good enough” to receive communion in the Roman Church. “Who are they to judge she proclaims?” So she feels uninvited. Yet each Sunday he has a choice. Attend his own church on his own, or attend his wife’s church to receive communion with her.
Pope Francis and Bishops can you hear us, something is very wrong with that picture. I dare say Jesus would not speak kindly of such a legalistic mentality that forces a man to choose between his church or his wife on Sundays.{jcomments on}