Catholic Church Reform

Celibate clergy have served the Church very well, and they are not the cause of any sexual dysfunctions in the Church. Child sexual abuse more commonly occurs in families by brothers and fathers than anywhere else.
Have you heard of any lawsuits against family members? And there is only one person to bring a suit against, and to collect one time.

But the Catholic Church has 8 billion members worldwide, for an incredible source of abuse restitution money. The Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis has had so many lawsuits from priest abuse victims that they have declared for bankruptcy protection, as have 11 other Archdioceses since 2002. They are being targeted for millions of dollars.

Other denominations are not being targeted. They allow clergy to marry, if they choose. Can the Catholic priests be allowed to marry also, if they choose to do so? You can make it happen.

Pope Francis when leaving the U. S., strongly condemned sexual abuse here and the cover-up. But, of course, he cannot change Catholic teachings without the Vatican Curia saying so. They have discussed this in the past. Now is the time to change this teaching.

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